What are the filter parameters
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We currently offer a handful of filters that allow
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Phthalates are man-made chemical compounds that can be found in a variety of applications such as cosmetics, personal care, and fragrance. Phthalates are incredibly effective at solubilizing and stabilizing fragrance ingredients. Although the FDA (Federal Food & Drug Administration) does not recognize significant health concerns over phthalates, many consumers choose to purchase and use phthalate free products. If you would like to advertise your products as phthalate free, we offer the ability to sort our fragrances by whether they contain them or not.

Prop 65:

Proposition 65 is an enforcement enacted in 1986 by the state of California in an effort to protect drinking water from potential carcinogenic and reproductive disrupting chemicals. Although these chemicals are recognized as safe when used and disposed of properly, it is still our responsibility to disclose when they are used in certain fragrances. Many of these chemicals are important components to fragrance oils, improving their performance and smell, but we know some prefer to avoid them. As such, you can filter and sort our fragrances by whether they contain Prop 65 ingredients or not.


Vanillin is a naturally occurring odor molecule found in vanilla orchid bean pods, among other plant sources. It is primarily responsible for the sweet, creamy scent we associate with vanilla. We indicate whether our fragrances contain vanillin or not because of
its ability to discolor soaps, lotion, and candle wax. As the vanillin oxidizes, it becomes a brownish hue. This color is harmless and does not impact the way your product works, but many choose to avoid it. If you would like to avoid working with vanillin altogether, we have handily indicated which of our fragrances contain vanillin at high percentages or not. If there is a particular fragrance you are interested in that contains vanillin, you can work with the color change, use a color stabilizer to counteract the discoloration, or contact us for a reformulation!

Essential Oils:

Essential oils are highly concentrated substances obtained from plant matter, including leaves, stems, peels, bark, and flowers. They are naturally derived and provide the most true-to-nature characteristics a fragrance can get. Many of our fragrances contain essential oils, which you can read on each individual fragrance listing. We also offer some straight essential oils if you are interested in purchasing them. Because they take a great deal of work to obtain with such a low yield, essential oils are often much more expensive than typical fragrances that contain a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients. You can browse our selection of essential oils by applying the “essential oil” filter on our webstore.


A fragrance’s flashpoint is the temperature at which its vapor is able to combust when exposed to a flame. This doesn’t mean the fragrance will explode or ignite when heated up. It also doesn’t mean your fragrance is at risk for burning off if you use it in products that produce heat during the production like candles and cold/hot process soaps. Flashpoint is important to know in certain cases. Fragrances with a flashpoint of 141° Fahrenheit and below cannot be shipped via air, so international customers and those looking to use two day or next day air cannot purchase them. Also, gel wax (a unique, clear type of candle wax) is only compatible with fragrances that have a flashpoint of 170° Fahrenheit or higher. Keep these numbers in mind if you are an international customer, require rush shipping, or work with gel wax. We make it easy to find fragrances within certain flashpoint parameters using the filters on our webstore.