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Still can’t get enough fragrance information? We have you covered! Fragrance University is a FREE resource for everything you need to know about fragrance and the products it goes into. Whether you’re just getting a small business started or want to add to your established line, there’s something for everyone on Fragrance U!



Yup! Fragrance U has over 40 hours of totally free content with all the information you need for your business on one site. It’s easy to sign up and even easier to learn. With the ability to save your progress, take notes, and quickly search our course offerings,
the possibilities are endless! Our courses include step by step instructions for starting your business, whether you want to make candles, soaps, incense, body oils, and more! These steps will walk you through the process of branding, marketing, establishing your business, and developing your products. You can even take advantage of the handy and easy to follow recipes we’ve developed for all product types!

Resources and Calculators

Fragrance U features a usage calculator conveniently connected to our webstore, meaning you can determine safe concentrations for all your products whether they be leave on, rinse off, or non skin contact. You can also calculate candle measurements, as well as unit and mass conversions. Still want more? Browse our advanced library of the thousands of raw materials we use in the industry!

So what are you waiting for? Jump in and start

a business based on your passion today with Fragrance University!