How we do it?

Learn a bit more about our facility,
departments, and how we use our top-of-the-line equipment to create custom,
hand-crafted fragrance that is sure to bring your products to the next level.

The Library

Our library is stocked with over 30,000
fragrances and essential oils. With thousands of individual raw materials used to create our expansive library, there’s no scent we can’t reproduce.

Perfumery and R&D

It takes years of honing one’s skills to become a Master Perfumer, and we’re proud to have some of the most talented noses in the industry! Our expert perfumers and R&D specialists craft fragrances with the utmost care and consideration for your business needs. In the R&D lab, we can test samples in your desired product type so you know they will perform exactly as expected. All new fragrances go through a series of rigorous tests before we send them off to you.
Want us to replicate an existing scent that you love? Our R&D department uses incredibly advanced machines called Gas Chromatographs and Mass Spectrometers. GC/MS analysis is considered one of the most accurate ways to analyze a substance with the ability to tell us its chemical makeup. This allows our R&D specialists to reverse engineer any fragrance and learn what’s in it. From there, they can duplicate the fragrance as is or reformulate it based on your product needs!

The LAb

Once the perfumers and R&D have developed or duplicated a formula, it must be evaluated on a small scale. In our lab, compounders create evaluation samples using anywhere from one to hundreds of raw materials. Each raw material offers a unique facet to the fragrance composition and must be blended with precision to create a harmonious blend.


After a fragrance has been compounded and evaluated on a small scale, samples can be sent to you for approval before we begin creating it in larger quantities. In our production warehouse, we can compound fragrance batches of up to 10,000 pounds in just one tank! With multiple tanks and 12 compounding stations, our production facility is optimized to produce the highest quality fragrances possible.
Our production facility houses several state-of-the-art dosing system that can fully mix up to 54 different fragrances at a time with 2000 dosing cycles a day! This machine allows us to quickly compound and mix fragrances automatically with accuracy and precision day and night.

Quality Control

Before a fragrance leaves our facility (and makes its way into your arms!), it must pass a series of quality control tests. The QC department conducts odor, color, refractive index, and specific gravity tests, each of which is designed to assess different qualities of the ragrance to make sure it will perform perfectly in your soaps, candles, incense, body oils, cleaners and more!

Pack off & shipping

Finally, the fragrance is ready to be packed off and shipped to you! The pack off department’s job is to be sure your fragrance is safely secured in our signature red jugs and drums. With each fragrance having a different density and specific gravity, some may fill more of the jug than others. This is why we fill them by weight, not volume, so you know you’re getting the exact amount you need with every purchase. Our scales can measure down to 1/100ths of an ounce! With the fragrance safely secured in our jugs and drums, it’s ready to be shipped. We use a variety of different carriers to suit your needs and can accommodate any kind of delivery. Need your order expedited? No problem! We will help you select the carrier with the best price and turnaround for your project.

Customer Service

Want to place an order? Need help with your purchase? Have a problem with one of your shipments? Our customer service department is here to help! We can help you with every step of the process, whether you’re a new customer or have been with us for years.

Media & Marketing

Our media team works with industry standard editing and design programs to create quality content to help you grow your business! If you interact with us on any of our socials, you’re bound to come across one of our media team members who are always happy to answer questions you have or take suggestions for new content ideas. Check out the content we create across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Tiktok for industry news, product ideas, and pics of our facility!