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Frequently Asked Questions


We are located in the wonderful city of Cartersville, GA, about an hour North of Atlanta. Our facility is conveniently reached via I-75 North and Hwy-20 SE.

Although there are over 4,000 listings on our webstore, we actually produce over 30,000 different fragrances. Many of these fragrances feature the same scent, but are unique in their formula, color, and specifications as per the individual customer’s needs. It’s easy to find and order a fragrance on our webstore, but if you’d like a duplication or custom fragrance, don’t hesitate to reach out to customer service to start a new project!

We accept all major US cards (Visa, American Express, Discover, Master Card), checks, ACH, Paypal, Sezzle, and Amazon pay. Paypal installments, Sezzle, and Amazon Pay are only available through webstore purchases and are subject to credit approval. Checks must be cleared before your order is processed, and must be mailed in. Checks are to be mailed to PO Box 1263 Cartersville GA 30120. Payments can also be made over the phone or via email.

We are super happy to share the many products that we’ve made with our fragrances! Check out our Youtube channel for DIYs, tips and tricks for different product types, and general fragrance info.

IFRA, short for the International Fragrance Regulatory Association, is the largest regulatory body in the Fragrance industry. They work alongside RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials) to create safe standards for the use of fragrance. IFRA helps set the guidelines for usage limits of each of our fragrances, which can be found in a document on each web store listing.

All fragrance documentation can be found on their respective web store listings!


Yes! Our R&D department can extract and duplicate any fragrance formula as is or reformulate it as needed. We require at LEAST a 1 ounce sample of the fragrance oil you want to be duplicated, but the more you have, the better. If you would like to duplicate the scent of an existing product, check the question below. Please contact one of our helpful customer service representatives for more information and help getting started with your project.

Because finished products often contain less than half an ounce of fragrance and much of it is lost during the extraction process, it’s important that you send in enough of the product so our R&D specialists can obtain an adequate amount for duplication. Please refer to the chart below to determine how much of the finished product you will need to send in. Remember, the more you provide us with, the easier it will be to extract and duplicate!

Product Type Amount Required
Candles/Wax Melts 10 oz. – 20 oz.
Soap (Solid) 3 to 4 Whole Bars > 4.5 oz. Each
Soap (Liquid) 20 oz.
Bath Bombs 3 to 4 Whole Bombs > 4.5 oz. Each
Body Oils 1 oz. – 2 oz.
Perfume/Fine Fragrances 1 oz. –  2 oz.
Incense Sticks > 3.5 oz. 
Laundry Detergent 40 oz.
Wallflowers/Plug-In Diffusers 2 Full Bottles

Don’t see the product type you need duplicated? Let us know and we’ll help you determine how much we need you to send in for extraction!



All of our fragrances are straight with no extra carrier oils or solvents beyond what is needed to create the compound. You can smell how strong they are straight from the bottle!

We stock both natural and synthetic raw materials to use in our fragrances. Through years of testing and development, we have found that a combination of synthetics and naturals creates a superior product, as both offer unique facets. Synthetic raw materials allow us to create affordable fragrances, safe alternatives to otherwise harmful natural compounds, and fun fantasy scents that cannot be found in nature. Likewise, natural raw materials offer a true to life characteristic that many appreciate. Regardless of origin, the materials we use in our fragrances have been lab tested and proven to be safe for use in their desired applications. See below if you want an all natural fragrance.

Yes, we do offer a variety of high quality, pure essential oils. That being said, they are often priced much higher than our partially natural varieties. For example, natural lavender essential oil is about $92 per pound (when purchased at a minimum of 10lbs), whereas our most affordable synthetic lavender fragrance oil is about $16.50 (when purchased at a minimum of 10lbs). If you would like fragrances that are phthalate and prop 65 ingredient free, you can use our webstore’s handy search filters!

Although we do offer some water soluble fragrances that have been pre-blended with a surfactant for ease of use, the vast majority of our fragrances are non-soluble in water (as they are oil based). We are happy to make a custom water soluble version of any of our fragrances for you though!

We understand that there has been a great push for transparency in the fragrance industry. As such, we have a line of fragrances free of any ingredients that many consider to be unsafe in one way or another. Although we have always taken great care to ensure our fragrances are perfectly safe to handle and use in your products, we want to provide scents to customers who are wary of certain ingredients to use with confidence. Please click here to read more!

Some of the raw materials we use to make fragrance are solid. They often come in the form of white crystals. When our fragrances are compound, the crystals are melted down into the rest of the raw materials. Sometimes, if the fragrance gets cold enough during shipment, the crystals can resolidify, leaving you with little crystal growths within your fragrance. While we do our best to prevent this, there are factors we cannot control in shipment. It can be easily fixed by warming your fragrance in a hot water bath.

The majority of our fragrances are oil based, meaning they will not blend into water based products without a surfactant or emulsifier. If you make water based products, such as air fresheners, the fragrance will separate out of them. To fix this, simply combine the fragrance with an emulsifier or use one of our water based fragrances!

We ensure that our fragrances are made with rigorous quality control and usage standards. If all usage limits are followed as per IFRA documentation, fragrances will not cause rashes or allergic reactions. Please be sure to review all documentation for any fragrances you purchase.


Yes! We offer 6 free samples with every order. We highly recommend you purchase samples so you can test how our fragrances work in your products on a small scale before ordering in bulk. Please view our full sample policy here.

Yes, although we highly recommend you utilize our samples to conduct product testing before purchasing in larger quantities. We are not responsible if you purchase a fragrance that is not compatible with your product and we do not offer refunds/returns.


Because of the custom nature of our products, we are not able to offer refunds or returns. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our samples so you can smell and test our fragrances before you order in bulk. If you would like to submit a customer complaint, you can do so by contacting our customer service representatives. We strive to exceed your expectations with our fragrances, so please reach out to us if you have any concerns with your order whatsoever!

Prescreening you allows us to get to know you and your business the best. This saves both parties time by ensuring you are prepared with the proper business license or Tax ID before purchasing our wholesale fragrance oils. Our ultimate goal is to give you an outstanding experience with us and our fragrances, so all of your personal information is kept confidential.

AFI is a wholesale brand. We sell in quantities of 10 lbs or more.


Yes! We offer free shipping with order quantities of 200+ lbs in the Continental United States. If you require additional services outside of standard pick-up and delivery such as liftgate service, we do charge accessorial fees. Depending on your requirements, these fees range from $50 to $150, but never more. Please indicate whether you will need accessorials before purchasing so you do not have to be billed after the fact!

Yes! We offer free shipping with order quantities of 400+ lbs to Canada and Mexico.

Yes, but we require all relevant broker and government fees to be paid to successfully ship your order. We cannot move forward with your shipment without your broker information. Additionally, we cannot process all orders made with international payment methods, so please get in touch with us beforehand so we can work with you to make purchasing as easy for you as possible!

We typically ship orders within 3 to 5 business days, but this is subject to change depending on our current backlog, supply of raw materials, scheduled inventory, and national holidays. New, custom fragrance orders can take up to 10 days based on raw material availability. We will always do our best to do anything possible to meet your deadlines!

Yes, we offer rush and urgent sample order requests. Rush requests have a turn around time of 48 hours (not including shipping) with a $100 set fee for a maximum of 12 samples. Urgent requests have a turn around time of 24 hours (not including shipping) with a $200 set fee for a maximum of 12 samples. These turn around times only apply to the compounding and manufacturing of your fragrance, not shipping. Current backlogs, out of stock raw materials, scheduled inventory, and holidays may impact turnaround times.

Yes, we offer rush and urgent sample requests. Rush requests have a turn around time of 48 hours (not including shipping) and costs an extra $5 per pound of fragrance. Urgent requests have a turn around time of 24 hours (not including shipping) and costs an extra $10 per pound of fragrance. Current backlogs, out of stock raw materials, scheduled inventory, and holidays may impact turnaround times.