What are carefree fragrances?

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What are Carefree Fragrances?

Here at AFI, our goal is to create quality fragrances that bring real value to your products through the connection that consumers have with scent. Part of this goal is ensuring our fragrances not only smell good, but also perform well in every way possible. It’s one thing to create fragrances that smell good, but an entirely different ball game to do so in a way that suits the needs of every individual consumer.
Nowadays, fragrance houses face a great deal of scrutiny, as they haven’t always been the most clear about the practices and raw materials the industry uses. Numerous chemicals used to create fragrances have a reputation for causing potential harm to our bodies, whether that reputation is true or not. Although the international fragrance association, or IFRA, works alongside the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials to create guidelines for safe fragrance formulation and usage, we wanted to go further for our customers who desire better, cleaner scents. So we went above and beyond to create fragrances that weren’t just inline with IFRA guidelines, but performed exceptionally while still being entirely free of potentially harmful raw materials.
So what makes a raw material harmful? Here at AFI, we already make fragrances that are phthalate free. Phthalates, which may cause harm to the endocrinesystem, are just one of many different ingredients we can formulate fragrances without for your needs. Our fragrances are also already free of ingredients on California’s Prop 65 list, which includes chemicals that have been linked to certain health concerns. However, we knew we could do even more to create a truly Care Free line of fragrances for you and your customers.
This line not only falls within IFRA’s guidelines for safe raw material usage, but is also free of carcinogens and mutagens. Both of these substances can cause harm to our bodies by altering our cellular DNA. Likewise, reproductive and organ toxins, which affect our body parts, are not included in any carefree fragrance.
Remember, just because a scent is CareFree does not mean it is automatically safe for all applications. This is the case for many fragrances that contain essential oil ingredients.
Even though these ingredients are natural, they can still cause some slight irritation when used at too high of an amount in rinse-off and leave-on products. However, they are still kept within guidelines as outlined by IFRA within our fragrances. The inclusion of these raw materials does not make these fragrances harmful or dangerous when used properly within the limits set by IFRA.
Like we said, it’s one thing to make a fragrance smell good; it’s another to make sure it performs well and falls into our standards for our line of Care Free fragrance. That’s why we worked closely with our team of highly skilled chemists and perfumers to create some truly wonderful scents for your line. We can confidently say our Care Free fragrances smell wonderful and we’re so excited for you to try them out in your line of clean formulated products!