The need for our fragrances explained

The evaluation process starts with you, the customer, deciding that your product requires fragrance. You will have two things to look at in the beginning. The first thing is does your product have an odor. If your product does have an odor, you will be looking for a masking fragrance. Let’s take for example a new wrinkle cream made from a newly discovered berry from South Africa. The issue is that new berry smells like a rotten fruit. We would need a sample of your base to formulate the fragrance around the rotten fruit odor. Then we could make the product smell like a fresh raspberry or kiwi melon (whatever the customer required).

The second type of customer is really selling a fragrance in a dispersing product like a candle, room spray or something of that nature. These customers need to have a pretty good nose as they are picking the finished product. We will send you samples to evaluate and you must test in your products. The best way to do this is to do market research. You can make up samples of your product and have several people evaluate the product. It doesn’t matter if you and I like the product. It only matters if it will sell to the consumer.

Our sales team can help you out with any other information.

  • Industry Volume: $70 Billion in 2018
  • Industry Growth 20% in 2013
  • New Technologies
  • International Demand Rises mostly because of China
  • BASF & other supplier fires impact the supply chain
  • Firmenich buys Agilex & Fragrance West

Working with customers big and small, we understand that the fragrance industry can be a little complex when working on your finished products.

We are always here if you have any other questions.