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Body Oil

Fragrance Notes

Top - Mint,aldehydes,florals,bergamot,citruses,artemesia Middle -Sea grass, ginger, geranium, floral, rosewood Bottom - Musk, guaiac wood, cedarwood, sandalwood, amber
  • 1ozSample

  • 10 lbs$ 18.80/lbs

  • 25 lbs$ 14.80/lbs

  • 100 lbs$ 14.30/lbs

  • 200 lbs$ 13.80/lbs

  • 400 lbs$ 13.30/lbs


Refreshing mint, the lemony-floral effects of aldehydes, clean lavender, crisp bergamot, tart lemon, Mandarin orange, citrusy neroli and bracing artemesia intertwine with the marine, grassy aspects of seaweed, spicy ginger, rosy geranium, sweet jasmine, delicate cyclamen, classic rose and Brazilian rosewood. Warm musk, aged guaiac wood, resinous cedarwood, desert sandalwood and golden amber blend harmoniously to unite and enhance this fragrant accord.

Essential Oil


IFRA / Safe For
  • Lotion 15.33%
  • Body Wash 26.66%
  • Candles 15.33%
  • Incense 15.33%
  • Laundry Detergent 26.66%
  • Shampoo 26.66%
  • Soap 26.66%
More Info
  • Flashpoint 179
  • Phthalate Free No
  • Vanillin Free No
  • Skin Safe Yes
  • Season Every Day
  • Prop 65 Free No

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